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And now for the heavy stuff from Chicken Shoot. Take a deep breath and read loud. Chicken Shoot gets a 90's rating in its first review from Xabre Gamers and now goes Gold in German, Russian, Korean, French, Italian and English. Coming soon, a very special three-language version for Switzerland should help to make this shooter a super international hit.
But that is not all; Chicken Shoot is to be published in Germany, Switzerland and Austria by Alive and in Russia and the CIS countries by our friends Akella.
All orders for the game from the USA and Canada will be handled by Geneva Productions and we have uploaded additional language packs for the demo and they are available as of now.

More KnightShift; Work on our baby in the English version is coming to a hectic close and the German version is in the making, and right now in Paris work is under way for France and the French speaking territories of Europe by Arxel Tribe. And just to finish for this week, ZUXXEZ is now working in co-operation with SIS to support Xabre graphic cards. Their card models 200, 400 and 600 will show outstanding, as yet unseen graphics, making my pet project even better.

Together with ATI and Matrox, we are very happy to say that ZUXXEZ is now working together with the most innovative and best-known manufacturers of per pixel shader graphic cards.
How do you pronounce our company name?
Together with Reality Pump that's where we are going!