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This is a small supplement to Friday's news and I spent the weekend preparing a 20 page text which I'm sure no one in their right mind would have read, but I had fun writing it. That text is now in my folder "out-takes" and here is why. My dear colleague, Yaman, met me this morning and held his thumb and forefinger 3mm apart and said; "Only so much text please."

Great! I have my instructions and can now get started. KnightShift, Good, better, brilliant! I have just seen new water enhancements in our soon to be released game. Unbelievable, fantastic, wow! There is every thing from a tranquil little puddle to a raging torrent and more improvements to come. Believe me, when our little baby comes on the market your eyes will have a feast. After about 100 hours recording in the studio the dialogues for this RTS/RPG mix are just about finished and they are really good. My personal thanks goes to all the speakers and actors who have taken great pains to help make this project what is. And what it is is f, f, fantastic! I should know because I'm sitting in one of the KS hot seats.
My kids asked me if anyone reads this stuff. My answer was a shrug and a mumbled "Dunno" I do know that at least two people read this page and one is my boss looking for any rude or vulgar expressions not in fitting with a website. Not here, this is all good clean stuff. But I would like to pass the question on. Does anybody out there read this? Send us a mail with your comments to