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ChickenShoot release. Here is a message from our lady in the hot seat, InfoIris. Many Thanks to all the fans who wrote or called us in the past few weeks asking about a release date and who then landed on our Chicken Shoot databank. We can now tell you that the official release date is Tuesday 15th of May for the German boxed version and is being followed very closely by the English version at the end of the month.

Orders are being taken in advance now, online, at and here comes the big BUT for others who cannot sit still and are biting their nails in anticipation, or possibly reclining in their office chair just dreaming of the "Big Shoot" and the opening of the hunting season. Online now, we have an ESD (Electronic Software Download) version. You can play two levels immediately and for access to all other levels buy your personal key at our online shop.
What! You want more than one number, to play in a network?
Then this will interest you! Order 4 numbers at a special rate and save, save, save! Or Buy 3 and get 1 free! Your special deals on personal keys are also available at the Chicken Shoot online shop. Questions can be answered by contacting InfoIris, or for short.