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KnightShift's new witchSo what's new?.. We have a new beta version of KnightShift and some models have been changed or replaced. The new beta 4 once again shows improvements this time achieved by pulling and hammering on all corners of the graphic engine, which sometimes works better than gentle persuasion.

There are improvements to the RTS part of the game with some options on the building characteristics and RPG is becoming a game of massive proportions in itself with an inventory list of around 800 items. Of course, updates to the game come on Fridays usually at the same time as I write this and with all the new stuff to find out about we can spend the weekend sitting in front of a battery of PCs just to ensure that our overview of this project does not take a gentle stroll out of the window. Unfortunately, it would be a great folly to give you too many details now as I know that the competition also reads these pages and they will not be satisfied with the stuff that has already been nicked. We quite understand; they also need ideas. We've got them!

And to introduce our new witch, it is enough to say that she no longer looks like a warty, flying nose. But after having spent some time at the stylist and a few expensive boutiques is now very acceptable as the woman she should be. We couldn't do much about her moaning and grumbling though, but she will be liked with her warm heart of molten lead.