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Hello one and all, and welcome to the weekend. My job today is easy because what has to be said this week is done by the press. Allow me to explain please.

Last week we sent out press previews of our "Competition killer", KnightShift to all the people all over the world who have something to say

on websites and print media dealing with games and software in general. So, what do does the press say?.. I have chosen some quotes which I would like to pass on to you. For the full reports just follow the links.

  • Starting with The Adrenaline Vault; "Knight Shift is unique", " Glib comparisons can't do justice to Knight Shift's comic uniqueness".

  • Xabregamers says; "Wow" and "It certainly is a title all RPG or RTS fans should look out for. With its style, awesome graphics and concept, we believe KnightShift should become a strong reference."

  • Just RPG also had a nice time playing and said, "KnightShift is a game to impress you with its graphics engine and thrill you with its light hearted and humorous medieval story"

    "KnightShift will definitely be the game worth buying!"

  • WorthPlaying: "What this engine shows you today has not been seen before in a game - only in some graphic benchmarks and demos. The unique combination of RTS and RPG elements in the SP campaigns, the hardcore gamer dedicated RPG mode for Single and Multiplayer matches and the unique humour of KnightShift brings real innovation into today's gaming world."

  • DUGA writes; "Excellent gameplay and an addictive RPG mode combined with beautiful graphics and amazing sound is what KnightShift stands for."

    "If you enjoyed playing the excellent Earth 2150, you're going to love the splendid KnightShift."


For German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Czech and more press previews please see That is almost enough of polishing our own ego, but what would this page be without my own comment to the Ladies and Gentlemen of the press. Some may find it a bit conceited and they may well be right. Ladies and gentlemen of the press, thank you for your comments and previews on KS, we are very pleased that you liked it. You are all absolutely right in your evaluation of our game and must be admired for your infinite wisdom and impeccable good taste.

For a lot more laughs than in Saddam's bunker and selling a lot faster than the competition. Chicken Shoot is sold out in Germany. Production has been restarted and deliveries will be made to all suppliers of top quality software as soon as possible.

Warning.. Do not play Chicken Shoot while driving or operating machinery. Traffic, or the tea lady may impair your reaction times and stop you getting the ultimate high score. Possible fits of the Giggles can be expected from players all over the planet and if your office superior hears laughter make sure you know where the boss key is.