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Friday again and here is a bit of blurb to keep you all informed.

There are smears of blood on the screen, more blood on the keyboard and the monitor housing. Under the new laws on what can and can't be shown in a game for all the family and hardcore gamers, my PC would be banned. But no, these are not new features in KnightShift. I have just had a shave and my face looks like a butcher's workbench.

The first bit of news today comes from Uwe Producer who has been busting a gut on giving seasonal textures and another texture set called City (one more) final polish.

The second point comes from me, saying that recordings continue, dialogs and texts grow and there are a few problems and hiccoughs to cure. All people involved in the production of KnightShift are working against time, trying to do the impossible with a massive workload, but the end of this long tunnel is in sight.

A word from Roman Sysadmin. He has prepared two new languages for Chicken Shoot, so if you are playing in Serbia or Croatia, you can now do it in your own language. Have fun!

Time is short today, so I wish you all good weekend. And remember, get away from the computer and into the sun for a while.

+++ EXTRA! +++ News of the week!! +++

  • Just come in, In France, Arxel Tribe is to Publish KnightShift in France, of course, and French speaking areas of Belgium and Switzerland.

  • Check out the KnightShift interview at Gamer's Pulse.

  • Get this!.. Chicken Shoot is on the top 5 downloads of all major US gaming sites. It is good to see so many people expressing so much good taste.