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リリース 01-2012
プラットフォーム Wii
プレイヤー人数 1
開発 Starbreeze | Doyodo
販売 TopWare Interactive


May contain content inapropriate for children. Visit for rating information.




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Enclave: Shadows of Twilight

The end seemed unavoidable... the Prince of Darkness on the verge of an overwhelming victory as Vatar's hordes besieged what little was left on the shattered army of Celenheim. However a single mage emerged along the peaks of the mountain ridge high above the battles. He unleashed an unimaginably powerful spell that harnessed the infernal power of nature itself, quickly expanding into an cavernous rift.
On the one side an Enclave of light was formed, rightly dubbed Celenheim. Conversely on the other side of the rift shadowy creatures were fighting and struggling for their survival, giving rise to hate-filled beings named "Outlanders". But now the once immense gorge has narrowed, and the trivial attacks from the shadowy world on the lands of Celenheim have been growing at an alarming rate. In these pivotal times, vital decisions that will ultimately affect the course of the world as a whole must be made, many of which lie with to which side the player will pledge the allegiance of the mysterious man of legend. Will he serve as the valiant savior of the distraught populace of Celenheim and save them from certain annihilation, or will he instead opt to align his allegiances with the dark hordes of the Outlands and aid in the Shadow Forces campaign to reclaim what they assert to be rightfully theirs? Whatever the decision, the world is poised at yet another turning point, and players can expect a thrilling ride packed with loads of action and adventure through the fantastic world of ENCLAVE!

ENCLAVE - SHADOWS OF TWILIGHT masterfully weaves the features of the award winning 2003 PC release with the unique gameplay possibilities posed by the Nintendo Wii™ console. The result is a modernization of the fan favorite which elevates the fantasy RPG experience of the «Enclave» series to heights never before reached!
Innovative adaptations to classic gameplay elements provide an entirely new experience, effectively expanding the level of immersion in all directions. Players now charge into battle brandishing the Wii™ Remote, laying waste to the hoards of enemies that stand in hero's way, all the while upgrading their character's equipment by looting the corpses the throngs of fallen enemies left in their wake. The riveting combat system is complimented by numerous artfully-crafted cut-scenes, vibrantly narrating the nuances of the hero's epic journey as players explore the bountiful environments of the expansive fantasy world.
During their travels players will engage in several spectacular boss-opponent battles all guaranteed to enthrall the player. Each of the diverse encounters requires the player to adapt their combat strategies, since they must select just the right combination of skills in order to overcome the stiff challenge and slay these formidable battle hardened adversaries.
Last but not least during the course of the game's marathon of missions up to 12 additional types of heroes can be unlocked to fight on the side of the Light and the Dark, adding additional levels of depth and complexity to the already larger-than-life RPG experience.
  • Immersive, fast-paced feudal age combat action incorporating the Wii™ Remote's motion recognition technology
  • Massive narrative scope, including two distinct campaigns with alternative endings
  • More than 25 unique missions, plus additional bonus content
  • 12 diverse unlockable characters, each blending elements of traditional character classes in a one-of-a-kind way
  • Challenging boss opponents, each requiring different tactics to defeat
  • Interactive gameplay tutorial leads even the most inexperienced players through basic game and combat controls 
  • Three different difficulty level settings provide the right level of challenge for any player
  • A plethora of different weapons, collectible objects, consumables, and magic items
  • Captivating soundtrack paired with countless atmospheric sound effects
  • Dozens of scripted in-game event triggers keep the surprises coming