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19.May 2006
Fantasy-Art at it’s best
+++ José del Nido gets creative for the RPG “Two Worlds” +++
The prolific fantasy artist José del Nido is supporting the art design for the role playing game “Two Worlds”. His motives blend into both the package design and the exclusive merchandising articles. Del Nido is a master of digital fantasy art and has already published several books of his work and illustrated innumerable magazines and books: John Sinclair and Professor Zamorra, to name two examples

Managing Director James Seaman: “Del Nido captures the ‘Two Worlds’-atmosphere with his fantasy art exactly. Threatening and dangerous, his pictures will draw players into the spell of the game as much as “Two Worlds” itself. Thanks to del Nido’s art our title will unquestioningly be the eye catcher on the sales shelves.





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