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Release: already released
Platforms: PC
Players: 1 - 8
Developer: Reality Pump Studios
Publisher: TopWare Interactive
More Information:







500 MHz • 256 MB • 64 MB RAM • DirectX 9.0 • 700 MB • DVD • Windows 2000 • Mouse, Keyboard • - •
1.0 GHz • 512 MB • 128 MB RAM • DirectX 9.0 • 3 GB • DVD • Windows XP • Mouse, Keyboard • Online •


Best of Games Strategy

Game Info

RTS game compilation including strategy guides and cheats (PDF-format) in English and German. Titles: "Earth 2150", "World War II Panzer Claws 2", "Knight Shift" (RTS-Part), "The Moon Project", "Lost Souls" und "World War III - Black Gold".


Earth 2150: Devastating wars between the ED and the UCS have wreaked havoc and caused mortal wounds to our planet. Live on Earth become unthinkable. The only hope left for the population was to build huge spaceships and to escape to the Red Planet..

The Moon Project (Earth 2150 Expansion): While the Lunar Corporation, the ED and the UCS are preparing themselves for the last all-encompassing battle, work is beeing feverishly carried out on a secret project named "Sunlight" on the Moon.

Lost Souls (Earth 2150 Expansion): It is the 7th of December in the year 2150. In a few hours our beloved planet Earth will no longer exist. The only hope left for the population is the escape from the Blue Planet to Mars.

World War II: Panzer Claws 2 depicts the strugglers of armored and mechanized units in a World War II scenario. All missions take place in Europe between 1941 and 1944. The Germans, The Russians, the Allies or the French Resistance-it's up to you.

World War III: Black Gold: 4 month ago secret UN research proved global oil resources will expire in 10 years. Today war was officially declared as the first NATO fleet hit the shores of the Persian Gulf...

Knight Shift (also known as "Once Upon a Knight") offers you a unique atmosphere in a mystic world full of fantasy and imagination. 24 missions, over 2.000 weapons and magical items and a challenging skirmish mode grant an exciting game experience.