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Release: TBA
Platforms: PCXBox 360Playstation 3
Players: Singleplayer, Multiplayer
Developer: Black Wing Foundation
Publisher: TopWare Interactive
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May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit for rating information.







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Game Info

We all knew the end was coming... but when it finally did, the world wasn't prepared. Good and Evil became more than just ideas. They became the banners we fought under, that we lived and loved and died under. We always assumed there would be a victor - that the light would conquer the darkness or that we would die trying. No one ever predicted they would annihilate each other... but they did. And the world was left in ruin. From those ashes rose the Regime, a world government hell-bent on taking control of every last human life.

Their aim is power, and they will corrupt and exploit every living soul to meet that end. But not all will fall in line - there are those who would resist, refuse with their dying breath to synchronize their steps with those of tyranny and authority. They are known as the resistance. They are the old believers cast out of Paradise, the ones who still see value in freedom and life. And their time is coming. They bide their hours stockpiling weapons and training hard for the day when they will rise anew...

…For soon, it shall be upon us.


In Scivelation, the fate of a dystopian society unfolds through the eyes of two playable characters:

Mikhael Ivanov:
a captain in the GRN, Mikhail is a decorated veteran from the War of Tribulation. Due to injuries sustained in battle, much of Mikhail’s body is made up of Zionetric implants, enhancing his combative abilities and enabling him to perform at a level much higher than an ordinary soldier.

... and Elisha Amano:
Former Regime geneticist whom defected to the Resistance to justify long-standing guilt over her work on the Ascension Program’s Omega Sequence; a project which aimed at creating a genetic panacea to cure human mortality, but was instead used by the Regime for applications of a much darker nature. Elisha not only brings her brilliant scientific mind to aid the Resistance, but also her research…

  • Augmentation and genetics – Both characters have synthetic abilities; one from his high-powered Zionetric implants, the other from her altered genome. Each upgrade and mutation brings them one step closer to relinquishing their humanity... this battle is waged as much outside as it is within.
  • Special Abilities – Characters can project holograms, go berserk, slow time, activate overshield, deploy turrets and more... a number of special abilities are available for either of the two main playable characters.
  • Scattered events, scattered lands – From London’s mile-high SkyCity to the Moscow Ruins and beyond - the Free City of Prague and lost-in-time antebellum Vienna, all the way to the secret underground Archives of Bethlehem - Scivelation is a truly global science fiction experience.
  • No time to take a breath – Lore is key to Scivelation’s storytelling. A rich world history has been created to give the story a level of depth unseen in the TPS Action Adventure genre; what is usually reserved only for RPGs.
  • Sounds of the future – Atmospheric, sharp-edged and Apocalyptic; all of these feelings are stirred by the mix of classic orchestrated music and an all new game score composed by none other than American heavy metal legend John Moyer of the world renowned rock band “Disturbed”.
  • Cinematic expereience – Over one hour of dramatic in-game cutscenes make for a truly cinematic experience.