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14. December 2006
"Two Worlds" for Christmas…
+++ Parts of the huge Xmas Fan Package are delivered this year +++
This "Two Worlds" RPG pre-order fan package is simply fantastic value for money! AND - if you order it before the end of the year, you'll not only save money - you'll also get the Collector`s Edition for free after the release! Try this for size - the Metal Fantasy “Sword of Darkness" and a leather organizer (DIN-A5) 2007 - for 109,99 Euro! Seeing is believing! This sword is the original edition - 90 cms long, forged by US giants United Cutlery - and it's also included in the game as an interactive version! The organizer contains the complete calendar 2007 and a metal ball pen. This offer is only available for Germany, Austria and Switzerland for PC and closes on 31st December - but we only have 1.000 available! Can't wait? OK! We'll deliver the sword and the organizer to you right after your order! Still can’t believe it? Here`s where to order!
CEO Alexandra Constandache: “We know that you RP gamers really appreciate top-class extras, so we wanted to give you something truly special - and Kilgoran is a sword of unbelievable quality that costs well over 100 Euros in the stores! Quite simply, we believe that this pre-release combination package could be one of the biggest RPG bargains ever! Enjoy!”





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