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3.August 2007
“Two Worlds”: Have a look!
+++ Brand-new 2W Demo gives you a real adventure trip into the RPG +++
Anyone who wants a first-hand impression of what the RPG “Two Worlds” is all about can really look forward to the 21st of August. Right on time for the Games Convention, an 1,3 GB big demo will be available at and on various partner sites. The demo will enable gamers to freely explore a large part of Northern Antaloor and solve various quests – and it even includes a part of the main story involving the mysterious Dark Brotherhood - but don’t worry… the game’s high-voltage excitement will still be there for you if you decide to take on the full version - because although the demo has no time limits, it does end automatically when you reach a specific point in the main quest.
CEO Alexandra Constandache: “Although we've been hugely successful with “Two Worlds” in the past few weeks, this demo will definitely contribute to pushing the envelope even more! Demo release has been intentionally planned for the start of the Games Convention in Leipzig - and we'll be starting a special promotion for our visitors there.”





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