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Home • Press • Zuxxez releases: Chicken Shoot Xmas-Edition 2003. Freeware •
11.November 2003
Zuxxez releases: Chicken Shoot Xmas-Edition 2003. Freeware

The pre-Christmas hunting season opens once again as Zuxxez Entertainment AG invites all the frustrated poultry haters to stalk the roast in an absolutely, freeware download of Chicken Shoot Xmas-Edition 2003

Silent night, Holy night.
Not here! Silent night, hunting night is more like it!
Punctually, to this contemplative, reflective season called Advent (The Coming) Chicken Shoot comes with a pre-seasonal loud, colourful alternative. At you can find, awaiting your attention, a 78 MB clucking and squawking download and it is not reserved for Santa. Simply download and Wohoho! Two picture book winter levels for you, the faithful, digital poultry wasters, from us…. Zuxxez.

Winter sports on a ski slope, blowing away feathered bringers of mischief from a jumping ramp, whether in Classic- or Arcade-Mode you can top the Internet highscore, because there is no sanctuary not even for the snowmen.
If you manage this round without getting egged out of existence, then we take you to the rooves high over a sleeping town to shoot chickens getting in Santa's way as he hauls his load down a chimney.
Really passionate shooter friends are looking forward to Chicken Shoot Xmas-Edition 2003 more than finding sixpence in their plum pudding. Last year 350.000 downloads of the previous version were consumed by players eager to give the seasonal roast dinner a new ingredient.

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