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Home • Press • “Super Storm” sweeps over the red planet •
12.September 2005
“Super Storm” sweeps over the red planet
New “Earth 2160”-Mod with different options available

ZUXXEZ Entertainment AG, together with the development group Forces of Chaos (FoC) has expanded the seemingly endless "Earth 2160" universe. The extremely effective mod "SuperStorm V.30" can be downloaded at the link below. Gamers who install this mod can really benefit from new team options. These options handle the alliances between human and AI players automatically, depending on the presetting. The mod will also boost the endurance of your resources - they'll last 4 to 16 times longer…and you can influence the weather conditions as well!

There's more…"SuperStorm" provides a clear view on the explored map when you click to remove the fog of war. The "Observer" Option, at present only available in Single Player Mode, enables you to watch AI players battling it out … while you are an unseen witness to their struggles!





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