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11.April 2003

Slowly, peace is returning to Bagdad and while plundering becomes an Olympic discipline at both extremes, here is the news. An all out shooting orgy can now break out on your computer. For those who have not yet heard, we have released a free Chicken Shoot demo ready for download now!
Check out for more. One quote from says "very funny", which confirms the noises in the office over the past few weeks. It was laughter and not the bosses nervous breakdown.
Another quote from the same source says; "Wer Moorhuhn mag, für den könnte Chicken Shoot der neue Geheimtipp sein." Which roughly translated means that Chicken Shoot is nod and a wink (secret gaming tip) for all those in Germany who like the competition.

Our other "little" baby, KnightShift, is well on schedule and this last week has seen recorded dialogues built into the game. The result is more than pleasing and gives us another kick towards ZUXXEZ.





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