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Дата выхода March 2013
Платформы PCXBox 360Playstation 3
Игроки 1 - 2
Разработчик Chasing Carrots
Издатель TopWare Interactive
Дополнительная информация:




Минимальные требования:
Core Duo Intel/AMD 2.0 GHz • 2 GB • Per-Pixel-Shader 3.0 (512 MB RAM) • 2 GB • DVD • Windows Vista, Win 7/8 • Sound, Mouse, Keyboard, Internet •
Рекомендуемые требования:
Core Duo Intel/AMD 2.0 GHz • 4 GB • Geforce 8600 • 2GB • DVD • Windows Vista, Win 7/8 • Sound, Mouse, Keyboard, Internet •



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Описание игры

Putting pressure on Pressure

Pressure combines a cleverly designed Steampunk-world with the fury of classic platform racing and shooting games. Filled with crazy characters, oddball humor and fuming boilers, players will race through striking environments as they attempt to take down the dark lord and spoil his sinister plot. A keen eye, fast reflexes and laser concentration are a must in order to maneuver through Pressure’s high octane world.

In order to construct his “Wellness Spa”, the greedy dark lord is attempting to seize control of all water sources in the Kingdom, leaving the citizens with nothing left to irrigate their crops. Race against time and blast through the shire, fighting heavily armed robots and shady balneotherapists, as you zero in on the dark lord’s headquarters in order to put a stop to his madness. Whether you’re smashing through hordes of enemies on the open road or combating a tricky boss encounter, the adrenaline pumping action is nonstop.

In a world full of fantastic mechanical contraptions players can modify their characters’ equipment as well as their personal Steam-buggy to stay ahead of their enemies.  

And don’t forget to watch the engine’s pressure level...

Игровой процесс

A Classic Arcade style top down view of your vehicle, combined with today’s graphics offers a retro view of the world of Pressure. Drive your Steam-Buggy around multiple tracks, fighting myriad enemies, but watch out for track hazards or you’ll crash and burn, as you race through at top speed, pedal to the metal!

Thanks to a tight control system, Pressure offers furious racing without sacrificing the free for all fun. Adjust your driving style and tactics as you face new enemies, tracks and obstacles. Watch out for on the track hazards, and beware the mighty bosses. Re-engineer your buggy, with new weapons and new powers.
Are you fast enough to save the world of “Pressure”?

  • Thrilling racing experience with realistic physics
  • Classic arcade shooting fun 
  • Single and Mulitplayer content (local or online)
  • Lovely characters and fresh setting
  • Online Leaderboards and Achievements
  • Upgradeable vehicles and characters
  • Over 30 distinct levels
  • Clever and challenging boss fights
  • Fully animated cutscenes
  • Steamfunky soundtrack