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Actualización Out now!
Plataformas PC
Género Estrategia
Jugadores 1-8
Estudio de desarrollo FOC | Reality Pump
Editor TopWare Interactive
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Intel or AMD Singlecore CPU • 256 MB RAM • Graphics card with DirectX 9.0 support and 128 MB RAM • Soundcard • 650 free HD-space • DVD • Windows 98 / XP / Vista / 7 • Mouse, Keyboard • Internet •
Intel or AMD Singlecore CPU • 512 MB RAM • Graphics card with Shader 1.3 support and 256 MB RAM • Soundcard • 1.2 GB free HD-space • DVD • Windows 98 / XP / Vista / 7 • Mouse, Keyboard • T1/T2 Internet connection •


World War II - Panzer Claws

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El Juego
WORLD WAR II: PANZER CLAWS depicts the struggles of armored and mechanized units in a World War II scenario. All missions take place in Europe between 1941 and 1944. The game takes you from the German attack on the Soviet Union to other important battles on the Eastern Front and from operations in France and Italy to the German offensive in the Ardennes. In 1940, France fell before the dark tide of war. During the early days of the occupation, the French government capitulated, forming a collaborationist state. While the country was under enemy control, resistance fighters took to the hills and the cityies’ alleys. These brave souls began mobilizing for a fight against their occupiers, and misdirected government officials.

The game features Real Time Strategy and offers 3D scaled maps of battlefields. The scenery changes depending on the time of day, the seasons and weather conditions that highly affect visibility. The unit's mobility is reduced by roads hidden by rain or snow. All landscape features and vehicles, infantry and buildings are true 3D objects. Campaigns and single missions are completed in different seasons reflected in changing scenery. An advanced easy-to-use scenario editor enables the player to create his own maps and battles. A player has the possibility of choosing one of the four sides in the conflicts: the Germans, the Russians, the Allies or the French Resistance.
  • Four campaigns with over 40 missions
  • Infiltrate buildings and abandoned vehicles with your ground troops
  • 3D maps enhance the gameplay experience
  • True to history, the campaign missions take place in various seasons of the year
  • Night and day will occur during your missions, changing light and visibility
  • 15 extra missions to play in Skirmish mode
  • The easy-to-use Editor allows you to create your own missions
  • 8 player multiplayer via Internet and LAN